Special Mathematics


Hello, everybody !   I will upload here the  handouts  for our tutorial on Special Mathematics:
Tutorial 1
Techniques of Integration
Tutorial 2
Differential Equations

Read also:

Chapter 2  in    [D. Zill- Differential Equations with Modelling Applications]  (for practice)

Tutorial 3
Higher Order Differential Equations

Tutorial 4

Systems of Linear Equations

Handout 4: Systems of linear equations

Solved examples you can find in Chapter 8 of that book of D. Zill. Have a nice week !

Tutorial 5

Classical Problems in Probability

Handout 5: Classical problems in probability

I will add more solved problems, in a few days. From now on we will follow closely the book of Yates, Goodman – Probability and Stochastic Processes. (I sent you the book a few weeks ago)

Tutorial 6

Discrete Random variables

Handout 6: Discrete random variables

I will add more solved problems. Have a look at Chapter  2 in  [Yates, Goodman]

Tutorial 7

Discrete Random Variables II

Handout 7: Discrete random variables II

Tutorial 8

Continuous random variables

Z table

Handout 8: Continuous random variables

Tutorial 9

The Double Integral

Handout 9: Double Integrals

Tutorial 10

Pairs of Random Variables

Handout 10: Pairs of random variables I


This homework will represent 30% of your final mark


Tutorial 11

Pairs of Random Variables II

Handout 11: Pairs of random_variables II